Cranfield University at the Pilot Expo 2020 in Berlin

By Fabian Steinmann - March 09, 2020

Cranfield took the opportunity to attend this year’s Pilot Expo 2020 in Berlin. The Pilot Expo is Europe’s largest event dedicated to flight crew recruitment and training. Dr Robert Mayer from the Centre of Air Transport Management and myself went to Berlin to represent our university at the exhibition. Interested people had the chance to come to our stand and learn more about the university’s capabilities and courses. Even though the majority of the visitors were looking for a job on the flight deck, Cranfield’s stand was well received, especially by those who were looking for alternatives to the standard pilot job. People in their mid-career or willing to expand their profile beyond what is required for being a pilot appreciated the material and information provided by us.

Part-time options, such as short courses in accident investigation or the MSc in Air Transport Management (Executive), offer an excellent opportunity for people working in the air transport industry to broaden their skills and knowledge. Despite concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 3,300 people from 75 countries and 90 exhibitors attended the Pilot Expo 2020. The event in Berlin also included a two-day conference, covering a variety of different topics.

Pilot Expo 2020 Berlin

Cranfield University was invited to present at the conference and Dr Mayer talked about airline economic and environmental sustainability in the session on economics. In the evening session about technological progress and possible future development, I spoke about my PhD research in air transport resilience. The Airliners’ Party on the first evening gave attendees the chance to share experiences and network, while a great entertainment programme was offered all night long.

We were very pleased to attend the Pilot Expo and want to thank the organiser for hosting this event.